Buyer’s Guide For The Best Multi-Room Systems


We all like to listen to our favorite podcast or music while cooking in the kitchen, re-arranging stuff in the garage, or doing some chores in or around the house. However, having a connected system of speakers in every room is not something you can find in the common household. But things are changing; nowadays, more and more people have a network of speakers that they can control from an app installed on a smartphone or a tablet. Thanks to some technological advancements and the ingenuity of modern entrepreneurs, even some of the best multi-room systems are reasonably priced. That way, the average working-class household can afford to have a network of connected speakers installed in their house.

But, because this is a relatively new category, many people don’t know much about multi-room audio systems and choose the ones that will serve them the best.

To help you out with that, we will try to explain what it takes to choose a great multi-room audio system. However, before you go through the main traits of a great multi-room audio system, you need to consider how many compatible speakers you have, how many rooms you plan to cover, whether you plan to cover the yard, and the application for every zone.

Once you figure out that, you can turn toward choosing multiroom audio systems. Here are the main criteria you should take into account when choosing your new multi-room audio system:

Compatible with top streaming services

Our addiction to music streaming services is already well-known. Because of that, you should choose a multi-room system compatible with music streaming services such as Tidal, Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, and others. 

Easy to use

Ensure that you choose a system that can be easily controlled via an app installed on your tablet or smartphone. Some smart speakers can even be controlled via voice. In any case, the system needs to be so simple that even children can control it and play their music or audiobooks.


Even though functionality should be your top priority, appearance matters, too. Choose a system that you don’t mind looking at daily.


Both the speakers and the amplifiers will most likely need accessories such as wall mounts to fit in your home. Therefore, check whether they are compatible with the accessories that you plan to use. 


This is about adding new speakers and amplifiers later in time and that the multi-room system can handle any possible expansion later in time. For example, you might want to add speakers and amplifiers to the garden or even the bathroom at some point and cover the entire house with your multi-room system. 

In conclusion

Choosing the best possible multi-room audio system is no rocket science, nor should it be treated as such. It is a fairly simple operation that requires a basic understanding of how things work and your needs. As long as you got that covered, and with the help of our little guide above, we are certain that you can make the best possible selection.


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