Ways to keep your tap newer for longer


After you buy your new kitchen mixer tap, you need to maintain it regularly to ensure that it looks as good as it should and works without problems for years to come. Not many people know that they actually have to maintain a tap, and even fewer know how to do so. You need to learn the things to do to maintain your faucet. This will make it much easier for you.

How to maintain a tap every day

In reality, most taps require very few things to be done daily to keep them maintained. To clean your faucet, all you need would be a damp cloth and mild soap. This works on plated and solid metal kitchen mixer taps.

If you do it regularly, it should require no scrubbing or force to keep the tap looking shiny. If you fail to do this regularly or don’t dry off water droplets that get on the surface of the tap, you may end up with a build-up of limescale over time.

When this happens you would need more concentrated cleaning agents to remove the build-up. You can use window cleaning products, but try to avoid using harsh or abrasive materials on your faucet. These will easily damage your tap’s finish. Always read the information and warnings on any cleaning agents before using them to clean and maintain your tap.

A tip for faucets with a matte finish us to use a bit of liquid furniture polish or aerosol. This will provide a more uniform appearance after cleaning. It also helps reduce fingerprints forming on the surface of the tap.

Removing build-ups or deposits

A lot of people have to deal with hard water in their homes. This kind of water can wreak havoc on the appearance of your faucet. It’s almost unavoidable that you will get water on your faucet’s surface. In the case of hard water, this can lead to mineral and lime deposits on your tap.

When this is allowed to go on for too long, the original appearance of your faucet may eventually be impossible to get back. So once you start to notice the appearance of limescale on your tap surface, try removing it with a window cleaner or mildly abrasive cleaner. You should avoid using coarse sponges as these can damage the tap’s finish. There are also specialized cleaning agents for more stubborn build-ups

Minor repairs help to maintain a tap

From time to time, some parts of your tap might require replacement at some point in time due to wear and tear. This is absolutely normal. Although many homeowners prefer to leave maintenance like this to a certified plumber, a number of these minor fixes can be done yourself with a little preparation and research.

To maintain a tap, you should buy genuine replacement parts from a reputable supplier and manufacturer. This will ensure you don’t lose money in the process. If, however, you aren’t comfortable with fixing your faucets yourself, contact a certified plumber if you notice minor issues like a leaking tap. This will help prevent major problems down the road.

You should also try to find good taps that come with a warranty. That way, you save yourself the hassle and cost in the off chance that you get a defective product.


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