Why should you let your kids play with magnetic blocks?

magnetic blocks

Magnetic blocks are types of building blocks that come with a series of magnets embedded in them. The magnets are used to stack the blocks to surfaces like the doors of a fridge or other block. Like plastic building blocks, magnetic building blocks are also trendy. The blocks are, however, not entirely made from magnets. Most of the time, they are made of wood and plastic. Magnetic building blocks are just a type of magnetic toys that are popular in the market. Other than for entertainment, magnetic building blocks, like other types of building blocks, are have several benefits. Below are some benefits of magnetic building blocks.

Benefits of magnetic blocks

  • Entertainment

One of the benefits of magnetic building blocks is that they are very entertaining. Babies and toddlers especially find magnetic toys entertaining because of the unique appearance of the toys. The fact that the magnets stick together and onto other surfaces in the house is also fun for kids. Some of them even consider this element to be magic. For this reason, kids enjoy playing with these toys.

  • Education

Magnetic blocks for kids, like other kinds of building blocks and toys, are excellent educational materials. These building blocks are easy to connect thanks to the magnets. Therefore, kids are encouraged to play and complete the construction of an entire set. Such sets can either be two or three dimensional. The ability to construct entire sets by themselves helps to instill in them a sense of control. As an educational tool, building blocks help kids to think outside the box and gain confidence in their ideas and thoughts. This is an important aspect that promotes problem-solving skills in kids from a young age.

  • Development

Playing with magnetic building blocks is essential for the development of kids. As kids put the pieces in the set together on various surfaces, they become aware of such aspects as spatial awareness. These toys also help when it comes to development aspects like excellent motor skills as they move the blocks and put them together.

Another aspect of development fostered by these games is the coordination of the hands and eyes. This means that kids get to learn quickly how to coordinate their hand movements and those of the eyes. Parents also use moments when kids are playing with these blocks to help them develop language skills. This is achieved by making conversation during the playing session. The fact that the blocks come in a variety of colors and shapes also comes in handy. Parents can use the opportunity to teach kids about colors and shapes.

  • Creativity

Magnetic blocks help to foster creativity and imagination among kids. This is because they have to figure out how and where to connect the blocks. To allow this, parents have to give their kids complete freedom during such games.


Magnetic building blocks are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. For kids that are young and have the tendency to place everything in their mouths, such toys may not be the wisest idea. This is because it can be dangerous.


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