5 Types of Personalised Jewellery You Should Purchase

personalised jewellery is better

When looking for personalised jewellery set for a loved one, there are various types of you can buy. From rings, to name necklaces, to bracelets, you have a multitude of options. Though choosing a name necklace should be as easy as requesting a name tag, there are numerous options available in the market which makes the whole process confusing. To aid you in this, below are the different types of necklace that you can choose from.  

  • Initial Necklaces Personalised Jewellery

If you are unsure about a loved one’s taste or design preference, play it safe by choosing to purchase a name initials necklace. As the name suggests, you have the choice of ordering a custom necklace for a loved one that highlights the initials of their name. Personalised jewellery comes with the option of ordering name necklace in gold, silver or platinum. The uniqueness of this necklace is that it showcases style and has a deeper meaning without making too large of a statement.

  • Engraved necklaces personalised jewellery

When deliberating on the various types of necklace for women and men available in the market, you should seriously consider purchasing an engraved necklace. Coming in a variety of designs, including heart, rings or bar necklace, you are given a decent collection to choose from. Customization of engraved necklaces makes it easier to add more than just a single name. This option allows you to add a declaration of love that will act as a physical reminder of your care to your loved one.  

  • Bar Necklaces Personalised Jewellery

If you are considering a personalised jewellery gift set that is understated yet beautiful, then you should select a bar necklace. Ideally, a bar necklace is usually an excellent choice for someone with a minimalistic lifestyle as it can be paired with virtually anything and still look clean and sharp. As a necklace for men and women, additional designs with different metal choices are offered to give you the opportunity to custom make your jewellery piece.

  • Personalised Jewellery Ring Necklaces

Sometime, even the best collection might seem inadequate in one way or another. Maybe the basic gold necklace with your name isn’t exactly what you wanted, or the bar necklace might seem too boring. If you fall into this category, then you should try a personalised ring necklace. With many basic patterns which you can build on at your disposal, you can choose to mix and match the designs to a degree you fancy. Doing so allows you to choose something that suits your unique preference and style. 

  • Personalised Jewellery Heart Necklaces

As expected, heart necklaces are a solid option to consider. With the classic symbol signifying love, this type of necklace will not go out of style soon. When choosing hearts necklaces, you are still offered a choice regarding design as it’s offered in interlocking heart, single hearts or solid hearts. What’s more, you can choose to engrave whatever you wish on the hearts for a personalised feel.


Overall, when choosing personalised jewellery, it’s best always to consider specific taste and preference of a person. However, regardless of your choice, a simple gift to give a loved one when you are overwhelmed by the jewellery industry is a name necklace. Considering the above list will aid you in narrowing down the choices for a perfect gift. Always go for what fits you and the person you are buying for.


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