How to Go About Choosing the Best Lolita Fashion as a Beginner

Lolita Fashion

Even as many more are embracing Lolita fashion around the globe, there are still a lot of misconceptions about what it encompasses. With various styles available including classic, Goth, punk and sweet Lolita it’s no wonder many people are confused about it. Unfortunately, it’s often very easy to differentiate a beginner from an experienced Lolita from the manner they dress.  To avoid such situations, here is beginner Lolita dresses dos and don’ts to consider.

  1. Lolita Fashion Doesn’t Mean More Lace

Though Lolita fashion tends to use lace and frills to give off an innocent look, that isn’t all that it comprises of. Nothing screams beginner as much as merely adding lace to a dress to fit in the subculture. Look at aspects such as Lolita jsk dresses, they are clean and classical, and there isn’t more lace than the dress. Some people have made the atrocious attempt of modernizing this subculture by adding lace to everyday pieces of clothes.  However, when choosing a dress, you should keep in mind that more lace doesn’t make it Lolita

Lolita Fashion
  • Corset In Lolita Fashion Shouldn’t Be For Decoration

When dealing with a specific type of Lolita dresses such as a gothic maid dress, ensure that it sticks to the basic guidelines of what Lolita fashion is. Corsets in Goth Lolita shouldn’t cover the whole front area of a dress. It definitely shouldn’t extend from one side to another and cover the chest area as a decoration. Ideally, the corset should cover a small section and should have a functional purpose in the dress.

Lolita Fashion
  • Lolita Fashion Means High Quality

When you are just starting out in choosing Lolita clothes, you will find yourself experimenting with different styles. The experimentation is usually a means of figuring out what works for you. A rookie mistake that many beginners commit is going cheap. Going cheap means picking dresses made out of cheap stretch velvet or satin. However, as you are bound to experiment, why not choose the essentials that transverse from one Lolita style to another. This way you won’t waste money on buying expensive pieces, and you will still look good.

  • Be Keen On Coordination When Doing Lolita Fashion

Though Lolita style fashion often means looking innocent, many beginners confuse it with wearing childlike clothes. When choosing Lolita fashion, aim to coordinate colors and makeup. Do not overuse colors and resemble a rainbow in the hopes hoping you will look like a fun character. Even as you try to stand out and find your footing when you are just starting, keep it simple.

  • Lolita Fashion Means Being Modest

Finally, realize that when choosing Lolita dress modesty should be at the forefront of your thoughts. Keep in mind that Lolita fashion revolves around the shape, length, and modesty.  Aim to show as little skin as possible. Boobs hanging out for the world to see are a no-no. Choose dresses that are at knee length or slightly above it. When choosing, pick a bell or A-lined shaped dress. In all remember, a petticoat is vital. 

Lolita Fashion


When choosing Lolita dresses choose something that suits your taste. Regardless of how beautiful or well together your clothes might be, if you are uncomfortable, it will show. So keep true to yourself when choosing Lolita fashion and have fun while at it.


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