The types of indoor LED lights in the market

indoor LED lights- tube light

To several people, lighting involves choosing a bulb and installing it in the house. Not too much effort is put into selecting the lamp whatsoever. The only element that most tend to consider is the amount of energy consumption that the light will subject the entire household to and the monetary costs after that. For this reason, most people have turned to LED lights. While most people may be ignorant of this factor, a lot of work goes into selecting the right type of indoor light even for the case of LED lights. Indoor lighting differs from other forms of lighting, including commercial lighting. In this article, we look at the different types of indoor LED lights. 

1. LED tube lights

These are the more energy-efficient versions of the regular fluorescent tube lights. LED tube lights emit a desirable amount of light while consuming about three times less energy than fluorescent tube lights. This type of light also does not contain mercury or any other elements that may be harmful to the users.

2. LED downlights

indoor LED light

LED downlights feature light fixtures that are recessed in the ceiling of a home or office space. The purpose of recessing the lights is to have them sine down on an area. Currently, they are the most common of LED indoor lighting designs.

3. LED track lights

LED track lighting is the best option when you want a versatile, more flexible, and functional type of lighting in your modern home. Track lights are customarily installed hanging from the ceiling or on a vertical wall depending on the needs of the user and the type of lights. The design of the track and the head helps determine how the lights will be mounted. They are also a cheaper alternative to indoor lighting. 

indoor LED light

4. LED linear lights

LED linear lighting involves the use of several lights emitting diodes that are packed together on a long, usually narrow housing. The pack aims to create an aesthetically pleasing strip of light. LED linear lights are suitable for office spaces, warehouses, retail areas, and in some cases, different parts of a home. LED linear lights are necessarily cheaper and can be used for such tasks as highlighting specific architectural features in your indoor area. 

5. LED panel lights

LED panel lights can be used in a variety of indoor spaces like offices, business areas of homes. They can also be applied in schools and hospitals. The LED panels tend to have a longer lifespan as compared to other panel lights, and it is even more cost-efficient due to its low energy consumption elements. 

indoor LED light- panel light

6. LED troffer lights

LED troffer lights are the perfect way of spiking the mood in indoor spaces like offices, schools, retail areas, and even hospitals. LED troffers are free of glare, and they are uniform hence the perfect choice to increase focus in the office. 

Bottom Line

The type of indoor lights that you choose is influenced by the kind of indoor space you intend to use it, the size of the area, energy efficiency, and cost-efficiency, among other elements. 


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