How to Handle and Care for Peruvian Hair?


Hair is a major determiner of a woman’s beauty and confidence. For these reasons, women spend a lot to purchase and maintain their hair, be it human hair wigs, weaves, bundles, and extensions like Peruvian hair. Peruvian hair is among the best hair types in the market. It has excellent qualities and is perfect for your everyday look, depending on how you style it. Every hair needs to be well taken care of for extended uses. In this post, we dive into the Peruvian hair maintenance process.

Definition of Peruvian hair

Peruvian hair is a luxurious type of hair originating from the Peru region. It has multiple textures to help it blend in with various hairs. The hair comes as either virgin Peruvian hair or semi virgin, meaning it has undergone few chemical procedures before being released into the market. Generally, the hair is light, airy, and easy to style.

Steps for Maintaining Peruvian Hair

Proper maintenance of this hair is necessary to keep it in good condition and make it serve you for a more extended period.

Step 1; Remove tangles and knots

It is a significant step before washing because failing to do this causes more harm to the hair, especially when wet. Detangle every section of the hair using a wide-toothed comb. Using a smaller comb will only break the hair strands causing a reduction in volume. Detangling helps it flow as intended, and you can easily pass through a brush or your fingers. Press down the top of the hair and brush from the ends to the roots. Be gentle through the entire process to keep the strands intact.

Step 2; Washing the hair

Clean hair looks fresh and has a natural shine. Regular washing at least once or more depending on your daily activities and exposure to environmental elements like dust is essential. Accumulation of oils makes the hair sticky and assumes a matted look that’s unpleasant and less fashionable. Wash in warm water using shampoo and use your fingers or a wide comb to distribute the product. Gently passing your finger through from top to bottom helps remove any formed tangles. Finally, rinse with plenty of water.

Step 3; Apply a Deep Conditioner

Deep conditioning makes the hair moist. After rinsing, apply a good conditioner and again use your hand or comb to help it soak into the hair. Wear a waterproof cap to retain heat and at least half an hour before rinsing the hair. A genuine conditioner will show an improvement in the hair appearance and texture after the process. Once done, rinse out all the product and leave it to air dry.

Step 4; Style as desired

Peruvian human hair can be curled using a curling iron or straightened with a flat iron. Avoid excessive heat that can damage the hair. Use your preferred oil to moisturize, brush it before bed, and always wear a satin cap when sleeping.


Peruvian hair is an ideal type of hair and is expensive too. Though minimal maintenance is needed, proper care is vital to extend its lifespan and help maintain its luster. Apply good hair products that add moisture and retain its texture. Ensure the products are free of alcohol since it dries the hair making it weak and brittle.


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