Are you a FIFA Player? Here is what to Expect

FIFA 20 game

If you’re a FIFA fan, you’ve watched FIFA 20 trailer, and you can’t wait to challenge your friends on FUT. Nonetheless, FIFA 20 is out, and each package has a different number of coins. For example, if you buy FIFA 20 game with 50k coins, somebody else can buy a different package containing 100k coins.

Remember, the more coins you have means you can buy better players and incorporate different features in your FIFA ultimate team. Therefore, buy your package from a reliable website like and be the first to enjoy FIFA 20. But, is there any new thing to expect when you buy FIFA 20 game, read on!

  • FIFA Objective

Unlike the previous FUT, FIFA 20 game is designed with an objective feature. The objectives are divided into four: daily, weekly, season, and dynamic. The game will be exemplary exciting because if you achieve each of these objectives, you’ll earn a reward.

The daily objective will be released every day and once you complete the task given you’ll earn XP. Then these rewards will be combined to your season finale rewards. However, if you don’t play FIFA for a week, your reward offer will be active until the following week.

Nonetheless, the dynamic objectives will be randomly released, which means you’ll have to play FIFA 20 ps4 regularly so that you don’t miss out. Every time you complete an objective and earn XP, you’ll be unlocking the next level. Unlocking new levels comes with more FUT coins, players, and more significant rewards.

FIFA 20 coins
  • Better Customization

Remember how you’re currently customizing your FIFA 19 team? Well FIFA 20 game offers more customization. You’ll be able to customize the stadium theme, balls and much more. The customization feature will allow you to stand out amongst other online FUT players.

For example, if you win a game, you can use a custom celebration that you assigned to your FUT team. (How amazing? ) Certainly, FIFA 20 gameplay will be thrilling.

  • FUT Friendlier

Imagine playing FIFA 20 game either with your friends online or locally without observing rules. However, you can still choose to use house rules as FIFA 19, and there will be four other modes.

  • FUT Squad Management

FUT squad screen has been previously ignored. However, FIFA 20 new features include efficiently managing the squad screen. There are short cuts that you’ll be using from squad screen that will help you navigate to other game modes.

If one of your virtual players transfers to another club, you’ll have a pre-filtered option where only the player you’re replacing will be available. Also, if you have 50k coins and a player costs above that, then he won’t be available on the transfer market. Therefore, the coins you have will determine which players you can afford or not.

This means FIFA 20 price will vary depending on the number of coins each package holds.

FIFA 20 game

Take Away The above four features are what comprises of FIFA 20 game. Therefore, look out for FIFA 20 news that is continually released to help you prepare for your FUT game. One thing is for sure, FIFA 20 will be magical and depending on coins you’ll have it will be worth the wait.


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