Hints When Selecting the Best Water Filter for Coffee

coffee water filter

Having a cup of coffee rejuvenates your body system. However, having a coffee made from water full of impurities cannot give good results. If you use a coffee maker to prepare your coffee, then you are on the advantage. Most coffee makers come with the inbuilt water filter machines, which purifies the water as you prepare your coffee.

However, the coffee maker might not remove all the impurities entirely, and you may require the best water filter. In connections to that, below is what you need to know when selecting the best water filter for coffee

  • Chlorine and chloramine present in water

When you make a cup of coffee, the only aroma you should smell is that of coffee. Otherwise, if the water has excess chlorine and chloramine, it oxidizes the aroma of the coffee. A good carbon filtration paper will ensure the removal of these impurities.

  • The hardness of the water

If the water is too hard, it will under extract the aromatic coffee oils. The coffee will not be delicious as compared to the ideal hardness of the water. If the water is too hard, the coffee will taste sour and bitter. In this case, using a scale inhibiting filter will rectify the hardness of the water and leave the level of water minerals where it should be. Thus, always make sure your coffee water recipe is pure.

  • Dissolved solids

Total dissolved solids (TDS) include chlorine, hardness and other impurities. A substantial amount of dissolved solids impact on the taste of the coffee. To reduce the TDS, you can use Reverse Osmosis technology.

coffee water filter
  • Turbidity

These include dirt, silt, and sand. High level of these particles causes abrasion damage. Use a coffee water filter with a rate of below 5 microns. It enhances the removal of these impurities, and therefore, your coffee maker machine remains with its value.

Additionally, consider a multi-stage water filter that will not only remove chlorine and lead from water but also remove other micro impurities. It will help your coffee to maintain its typical taste and save your coffee maker.

  • Under sink filtration system

Once you install an under sink filtration system, you will not need a water filter for coffee. Your process of making coffee becomes easy.

  • Price and availability of the filtration system

Price and availability of items is a significant consideration. If you need to install a water filter for a big company or coffee shop, then it’s a point you should put into account the budget availability. If you go by single-use water filters, you will end up spending more. If possible use the water filter system that will purify the whole amount of water you intend to use in your coffee making process. 


If you invest in the best coffee maker, it is essential to use distilled water for coffee. It ensures your machine remains not corroded. Above all, consider the above points while choosing the best water filter for coffee.


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