How to Care For Faux Locs the Right Way


Faux locs wigs and braids are slowly becoming one of the hottest hairstyles amongst women and girls alike. Usually made with extensions, faux locks are braids that can stay temporarily on the hair after installation.

However, if you’re getting faux locs, you need to ensure special care is given to it. This way, it remains neat and attractive till when you decide to take it off. In this piece, you will find out helpful tips that will guide you in taking care of your faux locs!

How to Care for Faux Locs Braids

1. Know that they aren’t dreads

Even though they may feel like real dreads, faux locs aren’t and shouldn’t be confused for traditional dreadlocks. While traditional dreadlocks are meant to stay permanently, faux locs are installed to last for a period of 3 to 6 weeks max.

To maintain traditional locs, you need to always re-twist every new hair that grows out but with faux locs, you necessarily do not need to twist or restyle them. When you treat faux locs like traditional dreadlocks, you may end up damaging your natural hair at the end of the day.

2. Cleanse, don’t wash

Generally, faux locs are protective that is directly installed on your natural hair to protect it from breakage, environmental damage, and heat. This means that you don’t need to wash them during the time you have them on. Rather, ensure to cleanse and rinse your scalp every 2 weeks either by using an apple cider vinegar mixture or some other products that have proven effective. Just make sure that use hair care products that can cause the pH of your scalp balanced.

3. Prevent Frizz

One thing you must understand is that faux locs are meant to frizz while they are on. This way, they get to maintain a natural look. However, if you want to reduce the frizz to a certain extent, purchase a product that you can use to seal your natural hair and tame frizz. Products that contain Shea butter, stearic, oleic, palmitic, arachidic, and other kinds of acids. Products that contain these ingredients can also generally improve the health of your hair by fighting breakage and help you maintain smooth strands.

4. Sleep on a Satin Bonnet

One of the best ways to keep the moisture locked in is by sleeping on a satin bonnet every night. This is mostly because sleeping on cotton fibers tends to strip your hair of moisture and may cause your hair to damage in the process. If you love to sleep on cotton, you can easily swap them for satin or silk once in a while.

5. Protect Your Edges

Protecting your edges should be one of your gift concerns when you have faux locs on. Ensure that your stylist doesn’t touch them when braiding. After the braids are done, always moisturize with water and seal with oil or butter.

Final Thoughts

Before you install faux locs, ensure that you conduct your due diligence. Your stylist should understand what it means to properly install them. This way, you can be sure of coming out of the hair looking beautiful.


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