Everything You Need To Know About Making Custom Labels


When it comes to choosing a labeling company, extensive market research is necessary to ensure you are choosing a reputable custom label company.  Fortunately, the Deepking label is a company that offers excellent service when it comes to creating labels. However, even though you might have the very best in design, some factors affect the production of labels. Below are five key things you should know about making custom labels.

  • Custom Label Material

One aspect that affects the production of custom company labels is the material used. Naturally, different materials will attract a different production cost. Materials that you can use include; cotton, leather, satin, silk, and canvas.  Before you order, carefully consider what type of material you will be working with.

  • Custom Label Size

Another thing that affects production and especially the pricing, is the size of the custom label. When you make custom made labels, a key element is the creation of new designs. Thus, the most expensive and necessary item to invest in is the nameplate used as the design bed. The design plate acts as a reference point for the patterns, font, design, and logo. Naturally, the bigger it is, the more expensive it is.

  • Quantity Of Custom Label Order

When you order labels from a good custom labeling company, there is always a minimum number of bulk orders that you can order. Often this is geared to help the company break even and hence make a profit. However, to make it profitable also to you, companies offer a drastic discount with larger quantities. For this reason, make it an aim to order in large bulks when necessary to save on money later.

  • Use Of Color On Custom Label

Basic black on white labels is usually less challenging to produce as they do not require extensive production process. However, one of the main benefits of making custom labels for products is that you get to infuse the uniqueness and character of a company through color. Nonetheless, with the introduction of color, more time is needed as it creates additional steps in the production process. What’s more, the more color you add to the logo, the more expensive it’s going to be; hence, you should plan accordingly.

  • Custom Label Receipt Time Frame

Before conducting any business with a custom labeling company and deciding to do business with it, look at the promised lead time. Often it takes around five business days for a sample product to reach you safely. However, for full production, you need about fifteen days and sometimes more if the order is exponentially large. As expected, if you want a rush order, be prepared to pay more.


Even though the Deepking label company is a trustworthy business known for its effectiveness in producing labels, certain factors affect production. As seen above, size, quality, and quantity are some of the factors that might affect your custom label order. As you conduct your business, factor this in your plans to ensure it reaches you in record time and the right quantity for maximum customer satisfaction.


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