Curling Mistakes That You May Not Be Aware Of


Every woman who desires curls knows what it is like to struggle with a curling device whether it may be a curling wand set or an ordinary curling iron. A hot rod on your hands coming to your face is not exactly a pleasing experience. Plus it can be very frustrating when you are not getting your desired results. Redoing your curls just exposes your hair to more heat damage.

You can save yourself some time and effort by reading about these curling mistakes and their recommended remedies before your next hair curling struggle in front of the mirror. Who knows, maybe you are making one of these mistakes without you being aware that it is a bad thing.

You are using the wrong curling device

Different types of irons create different types of curls. This is why you should know what type of curls you want before you shop for a curling device. For instance, you cannot get the perfect tousled beach waves with a curling iron – you need a curling wand set for that. Another example is that if you get a 1.25-inch barrel, you can only get large curls that will be great for adding volume to your hair. Smaller-sized barrels are able to give you tighter curls and are best for imitating the classic Old Hollywood curls.

You are not sectioning your hair properly

Did you know that the way you part your hair affects the overall look of your curls? If you are aiming for more volume, you should be parting your hair horizontally. If you want a wavy look, you should be parting your hair vertically. If you have thick hair, each section should be an inch. If you have fine and normal hair, your sections should be an inch and a half.

You curl in one direction

You might think curling your hair in just one direction gives you a neater, uniformed look. This is not the case. When your curls are done in one direction, they just flow together right after and you just end up with polished curls that are too large. You should alternate the direction for each curl to achieve that tousled look.

You hold the barrel the wrong way

The way you hold your curling device also affects the result. If you are using a curling wand set, you have to hold it vertically, the smallest end pointing down. If you are using a curling iron, you should hold it horizontally if you want more volume by the roots and vertically if you are aiming for loose curls.

You do not wait for your curls to cool down

You should hold your hair on the iron for about five to eight seconds before releasing it from the iron. Instead of letting the curl fall, cup the curl in your hand for about five seconds to cool down. Do not tug on your curls right away as this will let them stretch out and defeat the purpose of curling it.

You brush your curls right away

This applies the same way as the cooling down rule. Your curls will set longer if you leave them be till they cool down. Use a brush with fine plastic tines when it comes to combing curls. To make sure they last all day, apply hairspray after.

By avoiding these mistakes, you do not only get to have better curls but you also keep your hair healthier!


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