Creative Ways to Use Christmas Paper Doilies


Christmas is around the corner, or at least in your mind. You probably want to make it better than last year’s event. Here are some ways you can spice your event ideas with Christmas Paper Doilies. You can welcome your friends or family over a relaxed launch or a nice dinner. It is easier to turn the occasion into the cocktail party. These are some of the creative ways on how to do it.

Garlands and Backdrops

Paper doilies are perfect for making garlands and then hanging them anywhere you want. You can place them over the floor or behind the dinner table. Also, you can attach LEDs, letters, flowers, and photos to make your garlands look cooler. Another trick is to attach them to the embroidery hoops and hang them in clusters. The clusters can be horizontal or vertical. You can use doilies to make lanterns.

Table Décor

Paper doilies can be used for Christmas table décor. You can make tablecloths and runners of them, and they will be perfect for vintage, rustic, and boho events. One more option is to use a placemat with doilies to have a cute look. Equally, attaching the doilies to the vases and jars is a perfect idea.


You may be surprised to learn that paper doilies are perfect for holding stuff, confetti, and petals. Ideally, it is ideal when you want something lightweight and small. Also, you can put the wedding favors and serve popcorn. It is even possible to cover the bags or boxes with doilies for a rustic feel. The décor can be quite simple with fresh succulents and blooms.

Cake Decoration

Once your Christmas cake has cooled, you can place your doily on top. After this, you should sprinkle cocoa powder or sugar over it.  When removing the doily, you ought to be careful to avoid disturbing lovely design. For an added touch, you can place the doily under cake before you can serve it.

Party Decoration

You are free to create a parasol for the spring party. In fact, you can cut the crepe paper to be a bit smaller as compared to your paper doilies. Create an umbrella handle by cutting one end of the pipe cleaner or straw. Then, you should trim the handle and top with ribbon streamers and bows. Ensure you choose natural, bright colors.

Gift Wrap

Why not make your own gift wrap? This is perfect for occasions such as baby showers or bridal parties. Also, this offers an amazing way of surprising loved ones with an inspired gift. The idea here is to go with a simple design using paper doilies. Make sure you use the right tape.

Other Ideas

The truth is that you can use doilies in various ways. Other than using them to spice up your Christmas, you can use them to decorate your wedding, baby showers, themed parties, and more. The limit to how you can use them depends on your creativity. Why not leave your creativity to run wild? Even then, ensure you have high-quality doilies.


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