Tips On How To Choose An Adjustable Monitor Stand

Millions of jobs have switched from office-based operations to better-suited work from module due to corona. If you’re one of those fortunate to be working from home, the chances are that working on your computer causes your neck pain. Sitting for hours on end in front of a computer is no mean fit. Secondly, it’s even much more aggravating if you are constantly straining to see the monitor. This is why you need to consider purchasing an adjustable monitor stand. You shouldn’t work hard all day and go to bed with a cracking neck and aching back. Would you mind checking a guide to buying an adjustable monitor mount? In this article, we are going to discuss the features you should look out for when buying an adjustable monitor stand for your monitor.

1. How much weight can the mount handle?

Before buying a monitor stand, you need to check how much weight the piece can support. In most homes, you will find average-sized monitors while the size may be bigger in commercial setups. You also need to know what kind of objects you are likely to put on the monitor and account for the additional weight.

2. Is the mount strong enough?

Some adjustable monitor stands might disappoint as they may yield at the slightest increase in force. Others may be so fragile they dent at the slightest accident. Check and confirm how sturdy the stand is. Give it a few tests with any weighty object around or your body weight and see how it behaves. But remember not to overdo the same, any damage to a mount, not bough you will be forced to buy it!

3. Is it easy to assemble?

It would make little sense to buy an item that you couldn’t set up and use. Before you commit and buy the mount stand, check to see if there are any videos online on how to set it up. While you are there, check to see any reviews on the monitor mount, the internet is your friend.

4. Does it aid in cooling your monitor?

A monitor mount can interfere with the way airflow from behind or under the monitor causing the screen to heat up and malfunction. You can get this information from just observing and reading reviews online; they can help in making a sound judgment for safety reasons.

5. Does it have the right flexibility?

You could also walk into a store, buy a monitor mount, and when you get home and start using it, the screen won’t turn the way you want it to. The screen could be way too high or way too low for your liking. Both these outcomes are simply not good enough; the screen has to hit the ergonomic sweet spot. It’s therefore prudent to check for the movement range of an adjustable monitor mount.

6. What other advantages does the stand offer?

Some mounts have more advantages than others. The advantages come from the kind of design or the mechanics of the device. A good mount should take full account of ergonomics. The design could also offer space to tuck some things under for those who have small workspaces.

In Conclusion

Fixing that stubborn neck pain could be an adjustable monitor mount away. When purchasing your mount make sure to review this guide to buying an adjustable monitor stand. Check for durability, strength, sturdiness, flexibility, and any other advantages.

The Pros of Silicone Phone Cases


Silicone is a material used widely in many applications such as medicine, food storage, electronics, etc. It is quite popular in developing phone cases and back covers and customized according to one’s preference. Many developers have come up in the market, such as custom silicone phone case manufacturer, who produce various good quality and unique cases. We expound on the advantages of silicone phone cases down below.

Advantages of Silicone Phone Cases

A couple of benefits are associated with the silicone material that has made it well known and preferred by many over other materials. They include;

1. Tight Fit

Silicone is more like rubber and can be molded to fit on the phone regardless of size or height. Each case is designed to fit a particular phone model such that the buttons and ports are in the right place. You can still charge it or connect cables without taking the case off.

2. Protection

Most phones, i.e., Android, or iPhones, are expensive, not something you would often want to change. Thus, you need a quality case made of a material that is not prone to scratches; therefore, your phone will remain as good as new, unlike plastics or leather case. Secondly, with a silicone case, your device is protected from accidents such as breaking since the case can wrap around it completely, and it’s a good shock absorber. The impact felt when it falls is reduced, and little to no damage is seen. The silicone cases are loved due to there waterproof property and resistance to fire. They can withstand high temperatures. This makes it suitable for hot sunny days and holidays too. The phone’s appearance is maintained for a more extended period since dust and dirt debris are also minimized.

3. Anti-Slip

Compared to plastics and metal cases, silicone is soft, easy to handle, and very flexible. It has a good grip that contributes to its comfort and makes it difficult for the phone to slip from your hands. It is also easier to operate your device while holding it.

4. Durable

Silicone is resistant to bacteria and fungus. Due to frequent touching, most materials retain bacteria that make them unsafe and unhygienic. Silicone can be washed or cleaned using a dump cloth. It is hard for it to tear or get damaged, a factor that prolonging its life span and contributing to your phone’s overall safety.

5. Simplicity

The phone cases have a simple but elegant look that fits any occasion, from an official meeting, casual meetups to night partying. The plain solid colors such as red, yellow, black, white, etc. can be paired with different outfits with ease for those who appreciate style.

6. Cost

Silicone phone case prices are relatively lower than other materials. Good quality leather is expensive; hence only a few people go for it. While plastics are affordable to many, most people don’t choose it as silicone has better properties and benefits. There are also readily available in the market, making them cheaper.


The silicone cases are more popular than other phone cases. Their designs are limited, but they have a simple and classic look that attracts people. Thus if you purchase the original silicone case, you will be assured of quality service that is worth your money.

The Perfect Type of Water Bottle for You


Bottled water is important for busy humans whose mobile lifestyles don’t allow them to stay put. It helps us keep around clean water for us to drink. However, the containers can affect the quality of the water inside. Hence, we should also consider the quality of the bottles themselves. Below are common water bottle types and how each of them stands to the test of the outside world.

Types of Water Bottles

1. Glass Water Bottles

Glass water bottles are the king of safe water bottles. Glass does not contain dangerous chemicals that may leak into the water, so it doesn’t affect the water’s quality and taste. It is also dishwasher safe. However, in exchange, glass bottles are heavy, and they can break easily. For office workers, these can be great containers to have on your desk.

2. Stainless Steel Bottles

Stainless steel water bottles come a close second in terms of the general quality of containers. As long as you can make sure that the bottle is made of pure stainless steel, water quality is still good. Insulated ones can also keep the temperatures of cold and hot drinks for a long time. Although it’s also likely, you might get a slightly metallic taste, and it dents rather easily.

3. Reusable Plastic Bottles

Plastic bottles lead the pack in terms of versatility. Thanks to the innate flexibility of plastic itself, these bottles come in a large variety of sizes, forms, and even colors. It is also very light, especially the collapsible variants. Plastic bottles also tend to be cheaper compared to the other options on this list.

However, these containers are also marred with the most health concerns because most plastic bottles had BPA in them. This dangerous chemical, linked to multiple complications, can leach into the water, exposing the drinker. BPA-free plastic bottles are starting to be available today, but the footprint left by plastic bottles remains to be unhealthy for the environment. Plastic bottles exchange all these for convenience and affordability.

Best Water Bottle for General Use

Each type of water bottle has its advantages and disadvantages, but stainless-steel bottles, especially insulated ones, are by far the best general-purpose water bottles. Being able to keep drinks as close to their original temperatures is a quality most people value. Glass bottles might be the safest. Still, its weight easily marks out portability, another important trait for bottles. Reusable plastic bottles might be frowned upon because of its health and environmental impacts, but they stay a popular choice because of affordability and portability.


There are many other types of water bottles, compounding on top of their material. A good water bottle manufacturer would often make combinations of these qualities to make specific types of bottles. However, it is also good to consider the fundamental parts of your water bottle. These usually affect how you would use your water bottle and how long it would last. Although we recommended a specific type, it all boils down to your lifestyle. Your water bottle should match the pace of your life. That’s when it becomes the perfect bottle for you.

Advantages of having a waterproof backpack


Why should you have a waterproof backpack? You have fancy traveling bags, gorgeous shoulder bags, and clutches. Why should you invest in getting a quality waterproof backpack? Well, the answer is simple- to save you on a rainy day. If you love camping, hiking, or any other outdoor activity, you know that one of the most frustrating things is to get to your fun destination and realize that your equipment and gears are soaked because of the rain.

Also, it doesn’t have to be raining before you experience this. You can be innocently walking under a waterfall or crossing a creek and your backpack gets drowned in water. This is why every knowledgeable and wise camper understands the importance of a waterproof backpack, especially a waterproof canvas backpack. 

There are lots of benefits associated with waterproof backpacks that you can’t get with ordinary backpacks. The latest waterproof backpacks come with amazing waterproofing technology but they can be quite expensive for users.

Still not sure of whether to get a waterproof backpack? Not to worry!

Here are the reasons-

Reasons why should you have a waterproof backpack

1. It safeguards your gear

Well, this is one of the most obvious benefits, but a lot of people don’t take it as seriously as expected. It prevents your belongings from getting damaged by water, so they’re great for camping, hiking, mountaineering, or any other activity where you’d have to cross water.

However, note that this only happens with 100% waterproof backpacks, not backpacks labelled water-repellant or water-resistant. They won’t last when extreme or harsh weather conditions come.

Speaking of durability…

2. Waterproof backpacks are very durable

Because of the harsh weather conditions that these bags are expected to experience, they are made with very strong waterproof materials, from the fabric down to the zipper. Most manufacturers these days use cutting-edge technology to make such amazing products.

When these innovations are combined, the waterproof backpacks protect your gear and lasts for the highest possible time.

Still not convinced?

A waterproof backpack is made with nylon fabrics or tightly woven polyester. The holes are so tiny that it’s almost impossible for water to pass through. That’s not all. The fabric is also lined with either thermoplastic elastomers (TPE), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), or polyurethane for added waterproofing abilities and defense against natural elements.

The production of these backpacks also uses a method called Radio Frequency Welding (RF Welding), otherwise known as dielectric welding or high-frequency welding. The process involves the fusion of materials through electromagnetic energy.

This technology closes up the tiny holes that allow water to pass through.

3. Improved comfort

One problem most hikers, mountaineers, and other outdoor activity enthusiasts have is the pain they experience caused by their backpacks. They are bulky and they often make marks into their shoulder after a long day.

But you won’t have to suffer that with waterproof backpacks, thanks to innovative designs and advanced technology. Your waterproof backpack is more comfortable than conventional backpacks, provided that they are fitted and sized properly.

Top Uses of the Huawei Wallet Kit


In our digital era, many things are happening that are beneficial to various people and industries. For instance, the Huawei wallet kit’s introduction has enabled many organizations and individuals to accomplish multiple things with just one click. It is essential to note that with this kit you can integrate it with a chip-device-cloud technology to offer you an easy-to-access digital connection on an integrated platform. There are a lot of benefits that you will get by integrating Huawei wallet kit on your devices. Continue reading to explore more.

The Uses of the Huawei Wallet Kit

As stated at the start of this post, there are a lot of benefits that you will get with the use of this kit. For instance, it is advisable to understand that this wallet kit enables users to add their gift cards, coupons, loyalty cards, and even their mobile phones’ tickets. In other words, this kit facilitates interactions between the users and their mobile apps through various ways such as NFC capabilities, real-time updates, and location-based notifications. Therefore, below are the uses of using this wallet kit.

Smart Tickets

The Huawei wallet kit got you covered for those individuals who prefer traveling or spending their vacation in different places across the world. If you do not want to carry your ticket with you, you can use this kit to have your smart ticket on your phone. If you’re going to have an NFC-enabled ticket, make sure that you place your mobile phone near the NFC sensor. It will help you a lot since it works even if your mobile phone screen is locked. Therefore, it ensures that it provides a convenient view, and it acts as a real-time reminder.

Car Keys

It is no doubt that we live in a digital world where you control most of the things with the help of your mobile phone. If you do not want to carry your car keys everywhere you go, make sure you integrate them using an NFC-enabled phone. You can share your car keys with other people, such as your family members. If you want to avoid carrying bulky things in your pocket, ensure that you use the Huawei wallet kit and your NFC-enabled phone to unlock your car.

Gift Cards

It is essential to understand that you can use your kit to save coupons, gift cards, and loyalty cards. As mentioned earlier in this post, these kits are mainly used for convenient access to various things. Therefore, as a user, you will use these kits for convenient access to membership benefits and brand promotions.

Smarts Locks

If you have decided to use this kit, you can choose to pair it with your phone to your hotel’s smart lock or home. Most homeowners have shifted to intelligent home locks due to the increased level of security in most cases. Once you integrate this system into your home, you will be better positioned to view your property, even if you are far away from your house.

Why should you go fishing with kids?


Fishing is a brilliant activity that is suitable for all genders and cultures and age groups. Once you get the opportunity to reach the dock, it doesn’t matter who you are and what your age is. What matter is the catch! While you are in a boat with the led underwater fishing light turned on and you feel a pull on the line, the adrenaline will start rushing through your body. As you reel in the catch, the pride and the happiness you feel will have no match.

If you are introducing fishing to your kids, it is a great idea for an outdoor sport. The sense of victory and pride that your kids will feel when they catch a fish will give them the much needed self-esteem, pride and confidence. You may tell your kids stories of how some anglers bonded together to catch a fish that was bigger than their boats or the stories of fishermen who love to catch rare fish. Fishing, above all, is a sport that tests your patience as you have to wait even for hour.

It builds confidence among kids

Fishing builds confidence among kids. As kids learn to catch fish and become more successful, they will see a rise in their confidence. It will give them the sense that they can do anything in the world. This will help them build clear concepts of things and techniques. As they catch their own food, they will feel a unique kind of independence. They will feel more open to friendships and socialization.

It develops in kids unique motor skills

Fishing demands greater motor planning. Kids learn how to cast, catch, pull and let go. They tune in their bodies to learn when to reel in and when to let go. Fishing demands great concentration skills. Kids will have to plan each move as they feel a pull on the line. They will be challenged to make sure that they work in complete harmony and coordination so that they catch a fish without dropping themselves in the water or on the rocks and also without losing the line or any other apparatus.

It builds better coordination

Fishing demands better coordination and balance as well. If your kids are fishing on a boat at night, they will have to learn to stand cautiously so that the boat doesn’t capsize. Reeling also needs greater balance and coordination because you never know how much weight is under water. If you have hooked a big fish, the reeling will be equally harder. Here better coordination among the brain, the legs, the arms, and the feet help kids maintain balance until the fish reaches the boat or the kids manage to pull it to the shore or the bank.

It teaches perseverance

Fishing is not about haste. Sometimes, anglers have to wait for days on end without a catch. So, if your kid has not got a catch at the first attempt, you should make him keep trying until he succeeds. Fishing teaches perseverance and the rewards that perseverance brings for people. This teaching will help kids when they are pursuing loftier goals in life.

Various Car Cleaning Items You Need


You know how boring and tedious it is to clean your car. The task takes a lot of your time that you could have spent with your family and friends. Scrubbing bug guts and dust seem to take forever. However, it is advisable to take adequate time to clean both the interior and exterior of your car. When you do the task thoroughly, you will see the end result. However, you can only achieve this when you have the right car cleaning items. There are different car wash supplies on the market you can buy. These are the items you need to get the desired results with little effort.

5 Car Cleaning Items

Sponge and Bucket

You need a bucket that allows you to clean your car without running out of water. It is advisable to get two buckets. One bucket should contain a soapy solution, whereas the other has clean water. This allows you to rinse the sponge with clean water to get rid of debris and dirt before you can use it again.

Ensure you get the right sponge to minimize scratches on the car’s paintwork. You can find sellers that sell quality wash pads made of wool to protect the fragile surface. It is advisable to get several sponges or pads for cleaning different parts of the vehicle.

Washing Liquid

There are various car washing liquids you can get on the market. So, how do you get the right one? Make sure you check its pH rating. Experts recommend buying a wash liquid with a neutral pH. This is necessary to prevent corrosion of the metal parts.

You can also find products that contain come with car wax. Although such products help you save time, they may not offer adequate protection as needed.

Wheel Cleaner

Wheels are subjected to dust, tar, and grime. As a result, they are a bit challenging to clean. You can get rid of grime and stubborn dirt by using the right cleaner formulated specifically for wheels. Moreover, you should use it with the right wheel brush.

Cleaning your wheels is not difficult. You only need to spray the cleaner and eliminate grime and dust with the wheel brush. After this, you can rinse the wheels. Ensure you test the wheel cleaner on a small part of the wheel. In this way, you can determine its effectiveness and ensure it is safe to use.

Microfiber Towels

After washing and rinsing off your car, you need to dry it. Microfiber towels have been found to be effective at drying cars. Moreover, they are friendly to use and do not scratch the paintwork. Make sure you purchase a quality microfiber towel. Check the GMS count of the towel and note that the higher the rating, the fewer marks and scratches it can leave on the paintwork.

Window Cleaner

One of the top car cleaning items is window cleaner. As you know, visibility is quite important when driving a car. If visibility is impaired, you are likely to cause an accident or collide with another vehicle. Therefore, there is a need to ensure the windscreen is cleaned properly by using a window cleaner. However, for tinted windows, ensure the window cleaner you choose does not contain alcohol or tint as it can damage it.

The amazing Katana sword you shouldn’t miss


Japanese history is famous around the world just because of the katana. Samurai and their swords are idealized and iconized. The katana sword is considered an icon in the Edo-period history of Japan. There are several novels in which characters are described as using these swords.

A katana is a sword that has a single-edge blade. The sword is different from the rest of the variety of swords in the sense that it has an extraordinary long blade. The average length of a katana sword is 60 cm. It is not usually perfectly plain although from some angles it may look like that. It has a little curve. The grip is intentionally made to suit two hands. On buying it, you will have a circular or square guard that you will have to wear it with the scabbard. The blade should face upwards while you thrust the scabbard through the sash. In those days there were rules to wear a katana. It is believed that only Samurai had permission to carry the sword.

Don’t confuse katana with other swords

There is another sword that appears to be similar to the katana. However, it is different in name and size. Although it looks similar to katana, it has a shorter blade that is about 30 cm to 60 cm long. It usually accompanies katana. During old times, samurais used to wear both swords together. It was a mark of distinction and also an official feature of samurai. The merchant class was only allowed to wear a wakizashi. It was more a necessity than a luxury for the merchant class as they had to protect themselves and their luggage during traveling.

Samurai would carry weapons that have similar blades up to 30 cm long. They were named as tanto. A few of them were 30 cm long and were named as odachi. However, they were not quite commonly used.

Katana and wakizashi were the main weapons of samurais as they continued their long rule over Japan. Apart from being the mark of distinction, the swords also represented their honor and power.

Advantages of katana

Katana is a brilliant sword that sword lovers love to keep with them. One of the major advantages of katana is that it offers you the first stroke with lightning speed. One of the major reasons as to why you should keep a katana or wear a katana is that in case of a fight or an encounter with a wild animal, the bearer of the sword can draw and cut with the katana by a single motion.

Katana was so special and different from other swords that a fight between the samurais would not last longer than a couple of seconds. This is the time during which the real fight took place. Katana was a straight blade which made it ideal to be used for stabbing. It also was curved enough that a samurai could concentrate all his force on even a small part of the blade. Katana was made to cut a person in half in a split second.

Why Are Diamond Painting Popular In 2020?

2020 can be considered to be a breakthrough year for diamond paintings. Founded in 2015, diamond painting has become an art and is increasingly a worthy craft. Diamond painting can bring so much satisfaction and a feeling of achievement. Diamond paintings simply refer to attaching resins that sparkle to a canvas. Most of the resins are smaller in quantities. This adds to their overall appealing. So why are diamond paintings popular in 2020? Here are some reasons why.

Reasons Why Diamond Paintings Are Now Popular

You Need No Skill to Try On Diamond Painting

While other crafts might require some form of training, you absolutely don’t need any form of training to try diamond painting. To practice and hone your skill, all you are going to need is a canvas kit. Your canvas kit should come with everything that you need to get started. The truth is it’s really easy once you actually start.

Diamond Painting Can Help To Relieve Stress

In the hectic world that we live in, it’s natural for you to feel stressed. Diamond paintings are a way to unwind after a hard day’s work. By learning diamond paintings, you give yourself the chance to reduce the tension that has accumulated in your body. That’s really something to try out.

Diamond Paintings Are the Perfect Gifts

Are you looking for the perfect gift for your friends? Diamond paintings are now considered to be great homemade gifts. Just think about the appealing look of a diamond painting after it’s finished. Epic. Most diamond paintings also have great meaning. Most people appreciate receiving diamond gifts, especially during the festive season. So why not learn how to diamond paint and get your loved ones the perfect gift during the festive season?

Networking Has Grown To another Level

Even though the diamond painting was only discovered in 2015, people who practice diamond painting has found ways to connect with themselves. This allows you to connect with people who are passionate about diamond painting. So while you are also learning a skill, you get the chance to connect with amazing people around the world. You actually get to make new friends. That is something worth looking forward to.

It Improves Your Concentration Levels

While diamond paintings are definitely easier than most people think, it will test you in various ways. One way it tests you is through your concentration levels. Because painting involves some careful handling, you have to concentrate. While it might seem to be difficult at first, it’s something that you will eventually get used to. The end result is that you will become a professional and you also get to increase your concentration levels.

Final Thoughts

So here you have it! The diamond painting is beautiful and really amazing. It takes you to incredible heights if you let it. While the diamond painting is popular right now, things are only going to get better. So why not take the first step now? I’m certain that it will be worth it. Diamond painting is certainly here to stay.

Things that Come with Huawei Mobile Services


A few months ago, Huawei began to open global markets through its Huawei mobile services (HMS). Rather than relying on GMS, the smartphone manufacturer started to promote its HMS service, and it has invested millions of dollars under a program known as “Shining Star” with the hope of expanding its HMS ecosystem. With the plan bound to become successful, its smartphones and smart devices are bound to become more powerful.

As you know, Huawei’s access to the Android OS has been restricted by Google because of the US trade ban. Although this is a blow to Huawei, whose goal is to become the largest smartphone manufacturer globally, the company is striving to conquer the market. Thus, the manufacturer has developed HMS to replace GMS.

What is Huawei Mobile Services?

The company has invested a lot of money in building its HMS ecosystem with various services that cover Google’s HMS functions. Huawei mobile services are a platform of services and apps such as Huawei ID, payment processing, and push notifications. Thus, HMS Core includes a collection of cloud and terminal capabilities.

Like the GMS, it is made up of core elements and app elements. You should note that the HMS ecosystem is made up of HMS core and capabilities that are available through APIs. The latest version of HMS 5.0 is meant to overcome the shortcomings of HMS Core 4.0.

Services and Apps HMS

The HMS includes services and apps, such as browser, audiokit, music, App Gallery, cloud storage, themes, reader, assistant, music, and more.

App Gallery

Huawei App Gallery is meant to replace Google Play Services. New smartphones from Huawei come installed with App Gallery that is serving over 700 million active users across the world. Statistics show that it has accumulated over 180 billion downloads. Moreover, international apps are being released by developers in the HMS ecosystem.

Recommendations are based on the country selection and user’s location. In fact, intelligent recommendations include nearby apps, and local apps meant to provide an enhanced experience.

Can HMS Surpass or Replace GMS

Recent statistics have shown that HMS apps and services have a bright future, with millions of users using it. Moreover, the latest release has come out after the continued perfection of the Android ecosystem. The HMS is being refined to replace GMS functions. There are also reports that Google is seeking collaboration with Huawei because of commercial interests. That does not mean Huawei will not keep improving the present situation. In any case, politics keep changing, and there is always something to win.

Developers believe that HMS will improve Huawei’s smartphones and devices. Also, it will offer powerful capabilities that challenge the Android ecosystem. When it is compared with Apple and Google, the HMS service has room for growth.

With the launch of the HMS 5.0, it is expected that Huawei will tap into emerging markets in areas such as maps, videos, and stores. In addition, it will ensure that developers across the globe can accelerate the development of their apps and increase their revenue.

Panda phone case for new chic look


Are you someone who loves a phone case to keep their accessory look cool and stylish? When it comes to keeping a cell phone case, its finishing, texture, and design matters the most. Having an extraordinary phone case will enable you to maintain your cell without any problem, and it increases its overall lifespan. For this purpose, this panda phone case is here to take you to a wonderland of attractiveness, style, and exceptional protection.

Why should you get a panda phone case?

To make your phone look more stylish, dashing, and fresh, you need an elegant panda phone case. This case is for people interested in representing their lifestyle through a case or more into emphasizing the protection and practicality of their phones. The case not only offers you its service as a fashion statement but also as a practical tech accessory. The panda phone case cute design collection has a phone case for every type of mobile owner. There is for everyone concerned with a call or message as social people are always attached to their phones. The case comes with various features of your interest. Let us go through some of them.

Offers you cellphone protection

Do you have a bad habit of dropping your cellphone? Does your mobile get damaged due to falling? Well, then we have great news for you as this panda cheers phone case provides maximum protection to your case. It is made up of soft silicone, which is a shock-absorbing material. The screen is mostly damaged when a corner of your phone hits on the floor. Panda case covers the edges of your phone perfectly, so when your phone drops, it will absorb the shock and save your phone from being damaged. Next time your phone drops, be calm, pick up your phone and continue scrolling those social media timelines.

Gives a beautiful look

Long are the days gone when people used to keep simple phones. Nowadays, everyone is on a race to appear classier and more stylish. Therefore, make your phone look more beautiful and attractive by using this panda design phone case. The case is a must-have for people whose favorite animal is the panda as the cover will always remind you of your most loved animal. The case gives pretty vibes with a touch of softness and is ideal for people who are conscious about their cellphone’s fashionable appearance.

Choose which suits you the most:

There is a wide range of collection of panda phone cases for people who care about their phones. Your choice of cellphone cover tells everything about your style and personality. So, be very thoughtful and cautious while selecting an eye-catching panda phone case for your phone. There are many vibrant colors available such as red, yellow, pink, white, silver, and many other adorable colors. The charming designs printed on them will make you fall in love with these cases. There is a case with embroidery design that will surely impress your buddies.

Stop wasting any more time, equip yourself with these latest fancy panda phone cases, and see how you stand out. Your friends and family will surely start gossiping about your new remarkable situation.

Exclusive Smartphone Bundles for Honor Club Fans


Honor treats its fans for an exclusive gift bundle for this year’s Back to School Promo this August! Whether you’re going back to school this season or just trying to learn something incredibly new, don’t miss out on the Honor promotion for this back to school edition that you will surely love to use for your learning session.

Honor Smartphones

Get these limited smartphone deals when you claim Honor’s exclusive vouchers.

Honor 9x Pro – Up For Extraordinary Bundle

Grab the latest Honor 9x PRO right now! This sleek smartphone features cool specs that you will enjoy using while learning. It boasts a 6.59” full view display that lets you watch cool documentaries and video tutorials. Now, enjoy its flagship Kirin 810 chipset and double 3D glass curved back handle. Take awesome photos with your study notes or just about anything with its 48MP ultra-clear triple camera. Share it with your friends and show your shots via social media. You can enjoy this smartphone for a long time with its long-lasting 4000mah all-day battery.

Together with this bundle is fitness partner Honor MagicWatch to keep you active and going for only £249.99 for these two awesome gifts. Save more for this purchase and claim your free £30 gift voucher upon check out. You get more, and you pay less with this awesome bundle. With this purchase, you will also get a free one month Huawei music and 12 months use of 15 GB Huawei cloud.

Honor 9A – Power Your Life Bundle

Are you looking for a much cheaper but high-quality product from Honor? Try the Honor 9A that comes with a mini speaker and Honor Band 5 for only £129.99. This impressive smartphone features a 6.3 full inch display for pure learning entertainment and a powerful audio speaker to maximize the full learning experience. It also has data-free FM radio streaming, natural broken portraits with a 13mp triple camera that you can use all day with its 5000mah all-day battery. Secure your phone data with its reliable fingerprint scanner, and facial unlock feature.

With this worthwhile purchase, you’ll get what you deserve. A smartphone to enjoy the best of your learning experience and a smartwatch band to keep up with your active daily lifestyle. Get healthy and techy with this bundle until it lasts.

Honor 20 – Capture Wonder Bundle

Get the best of what Honor has to offer with its newest Honor 20 Pro that features a 22.5W Honor Supercharge that takes only an hour to get full battery life. It also boasts a 7nm Kirin 980 AI chipset with Dual-NPU and a side-mounted fingerprint sensor to maximize your screen experience.

Together with this bundle, you’ll also get a pair of awesome Bluetooth earphones or a Router 3 or an Honor Band 5. Feel free to choose your weapon partner for only £309.99. Grab this bundle now and make it yours.

What are you waiting for? Step up with a new Honor smartphone and learn new cool stuff while exploring in one touch.