How to spot a good electric car washer


Before the electric car washer was created, washing cars have never been easy. It demanded a lot of time, money, and resources. But thanks to technology, all these were in the past. The new challenge now becomes how to buy a good electric washer.

Buying an electric pressure washer for cars might not be one of the easiest jobs to engage in. There are lots of brands in the market offering this product and ascertaining which of them is genuine might be difficult.

Electric car washers are composed of different parts and each has its role to play. A car washer machine is a machine that is designed in such a way that when water is pumped out, it flows into the hoses and out through the nozzle.

Things to Consider Before Buying an Electric Car Washer

1. The size of the engine

Before an electric car washer is purchased, it is of great importance to know the rating of the engine. When the electric car washer has a high rating, it will be more effective.

2. Motor technology

The motor consists of two main types, which are brush motor and magnetic motor. Brush motor is a mini car washing machine that has a very affordable price and is very popular.

The magnetic motor also called induction is a well-advanced washing machine technology characterized by high load capacity and lesser noise. It is very important to know the motor technology of any electric car washer before it is purchased.

3. Nozzle

Most car washers come with different types of spray nozzles. Some possess a spray structure that enables users to customize the water pressure or type according to their taste.

The nozzle might be in the form of a straight jet spray. The nozzle can be changed, to suit the particular use of the electric car washer.

4. The rate of water flow

Electric car washers produced by different manufacturers and have different rates for the flow of water. A car washer with a low rate of water flow, would not be as effective as that with a high flow rate. It is therefore of high importance to consider the rate of flow of water before buying it.

5. Hose length

The length of the hose is also another important parameter to have in mind before buying an electric car washer. Some come with a short hose, and this will limit effectiveness because the washer would be moved to get to some parts of the car.

But with a long hose, movement is not restricted and you won’t have the need to move the machine around.


The use of technology has been inculcated into every sphere of life, and car washing is not an exception. There are different electric car washers from different manufacturers, therefore choice must be made with certain parameters in mind, to ensure the effectiveness of the machine.

So if you are looking to buy an electric car washer in the future, make sure you consider these features. They can the difference between a good and a bad product.


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