How Long Does a Lace Closure Wig Last?


A lace closure wig is becoming popular these days for hair replacement and aesthetic needs. These hairpieces are in demand because they can mimic your real hair and look as if it is really growing right out of your scalp. The result is a natural look that people will not be able to tell you are wearing one even up close.

With the clamor around it, you may be wondering – is it worth your hard-earned money or is it all just hype? Well, lace closure wigs will last depending on how well you take care of them. There are a lot of factors that can affect how long they will last. Read about them in the next section.

Factors that affect how long your lace closure wig lasts

The lace

The type of lace that is used will have a major impact on how long it will last. The more durable the lace, the better. Lace closure wigs usually use two types of lace – French and Swiss. The French lace has the advantage of coming in different colors so you can easily find one that will blend with the color of your scalp. The Swiss lace has the advantage of being flimsy and more transparent so you barely have to worry about blending. According to experts, French lace will last longer compared to Swiss lace.

The hair

The type of hair that is used for the closure wig is also very important. You have two choices: synthetic or human hair. Wigs made out of virgin human hair look more realistic but they have a limit. Most of them will have to be replaced within a year or two if you use the wig often. Synthetic hair will last longer than a real human hair (unless you style them often) although you also have the risk of the wig being obvious.


Most wigs can be styled in different ways – just like the hair on your head. However, there is also a limit on how much styling they can endure. Chemical treatments and heat treatments place a limit on their longevity. If you are using a lace closure wig to be able to rock different hairstyles, you should choose one made out of real human hair because they can stand more styling treatments compared to synthetic hair.

Last thoughts

Now that you know the factors that can affect how long your lace closure wig can last, you probably have an idea of how to care for them so that they can last longer. Make sure to shampoo and condition your wig from time to time. Treat it like it is your real hair! Comb your hair gently with a large-toothed comb while wet to get rid of tangles. If you are using human hair, you can rinse the wig with cold water, making sure that the water will flow from the cap to the ends.

Remember, you have to take good care of your lace closure wig to make the best out of it so it can last longer.


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