5 Thoughts Every Girl Has When Getting Dressed


“Can I wear a sports bra with this shirt?”

We could answer this question, but we’ll let the wise words of Taylor Swift guide your decision:
Yes, if you think you can get away with a sports bra – go for it. Always.

“Will anyone notice that I wore this last week?”

Followed by: “I mean, I washed it after I wore it… I mean, I think I washed it… It smells like I washed it.” Is it jeans, shoes, or even a cardigan? Wear it again sister!
If it’s a bright blouse or graphic tee, maybe pass on a second wear right away, but who are we to judge? And all bets are off if you have a Kate Sanders in your office. (At least I’m not an outfit rememberer, amiright?)
If leggings as pants is wrong, we don’t want to be right (or wearing pants for that matter).
Depending on the day of the week (well, really, your office dress code) then we say yes. Again, always. But if the boss says no, you can still avoid wearing pants by wearing a dress.

“Can I pull off leggings as pants today?”

“I have nothing to wear. Ugh!”

We don’t care if you went to the mall three days ago. As a female, you’ll have this thought the minute it’s time to plan an outfit, especially if you’re dressing up for something.
Raise your hands if you’ve ever ended up trying on every dress you own after uttering these words. **raises both hands in the air, like we just don’t care**

And finally… “I look goooood.”


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