Reasons Why You Need To Start Using A Fingerprint Padlock

fingerprint lock

Whether it is mental, financial, or physical, security is an essential aspect of human life. Great strides have been made in the security industry to ensure that clients get the best security systems in their homes. This industry has grown a lot from the times when padlocks were the primary security feature.

A padlock is a portable lock that comes with a shackle and is used on doors to prevent unwanted entry. Criminals, however, have become so crafty that they have found a way around the regular padlock. Remember, home invasions arising from broken padlocks or manipulated ones are a common phenomenon. To curb this issue, fingerprint locks were invented. Fingerprint locks have brought about several advantages. In this article, we talk about the benefits of using fingerprint locks.

What is a fingerprint lock?

Fingerprint locks, also known as fingerprint padlocks, resemble other generic padlocks. While there are physical similarities between the two, the fingerprint ones do not use keys to open and close. Quite the contrary, they use biometric technology that only requires the fingerprint of an approved person to unlock

Benefits of fingerprint padlocks

  • Enhanced Security

One of the main benefits of using fingerprint locks is that they provide enhanced security. These locks work in such a way that they cannot be opened unless the owner or other approved occupants use their fingerprints. Any forceful attempts on such locks would trigger an alarm that would inform the homeowner of the wrong deeds. At least most fingerprint locks are designed in such a manner. Also, the fact that you do not have to carry around a key helps to prevent such issues as theft and duplication.

fingerprint lock
  • Ease of installation

Because of the advanced technology, most users are duped into believing that fingerprint locks are challenging to install.  However, this is not the case. These locks are easy to use. Like generic padlocks, fingerprint locks only have to be inserted into a door. The only difference with this system is that you need to record your fingerprint and program into the system.

  • Tracking

Using a fingerprint lock means that you can keep track of the activities taking place in your house. The system works in such a way that every time the lock is opened or closed, data is stored. Therefore, in case of any issue in your home, you can go back and look at the data.

WhatsLock Fingerprint Padlock

Whatslock is one of the best fingerprint padlocks in the market. It uses advanced technology that does not require the use of keys or Bluetooth. All you have to do is program your fingerprint into the system and begin using it. The lock is handy as it features instant recognition technology (usually less than 0.5 seconds). It also features an all-round fingerprint recognition feature that helps prevent such issues as faulty rejections. The padlock is waterproof, small, and durable.


Fingerprint padlocks are perhaps the safest lock systems in the market currently. Some people complain that these locks are costly. However, if you consider the amount of loss you are likely to endure from a home invasion, the price should be worth it. These padlocks are standard in warehouses as well as households.


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