Occasions to Wear Chenille Patches Hoodie

Chenille Patches

Wearing a hoodie is one comfortable and practical thing a man can do. It’s a warm garment and sometimes fashionable depending on what you match it with. You can wear a hoodie while inside your house or choose to wear them with jeans to fit your weekend casual wear.

The good thing is, you’ll appeal to everyone when you wear chenille patches hoodie with your casual jeans.  But, however much you would wish to look great,  you need to be careful when choosing your expert, to get affordable chenille patches and of good quality. 

Nonetheless, before you go wearing a hoodie and sweatpants, ensure the two match. Use the guide below on how to wear a hoodie without looking sloppy.

  • Wearing A Hoodie Under A Leather Jacket

Wearing a hoodie under a leather jacket is ideal for any season. It keeps you warm not forgetting it bringings out a stylish look. But, if you won’t mind, shop for a hoodie with large chenille patches places at the right or left side of the hoodie. If it gets hotter, you can remove the leather jacket and remain fashionable with your chenille patched sweatpant.

For example, if you have a grey hoodie, wear a black leather jacket, Chelsea boots, and black trousers to lighten up the look.

  • A Hoodie With A Tailored Trouser

If you’re looking to match a casual and smart look, wear a hoodie with a tailored trouser. Ensure the color of the hoodie neutralizes the color of the trouser. In this case, you can choose to wear a hoodie with custom patches, either with one patch at the back and the other on the left side of your hoodie.

  • A Hoodie With Sweatpants

Wearing a chenille patches hoodie and sweatpant is surprisingly on the rise. So, depending on activities you’ll be carrying out wearing a hoodie, you can choose the chenille letters to have accordingly. Suppose you are wearing the hoodie along with sweat pants while exercising. Your hoodie can have as many chenille letters as you wish but, don’t overdo it.

However, if you’re going for a hike as a group, choose custom patches that are familiar with the group’s goal. For example, if your group is designed to achieve health fitness, your hoodies can have a chenille letter “H”.

Chenille Patches
  • Athletic Leisure Look

Has your baseball team played yet and when is their next game? If you already have a hoodie, then you should know about the DIY chenille patch. Buy the patch from a store, and attach it on the left side of your hoodie. Better yet, attach another at the back of the hoodie.

Nonetheless, if it’s cold, zipper jacket but avoid zipping up the jacket so that the patch remains visible. Put on fitted joggers and a pair of white sneakers.

  • Hoodie, Denim Jacket

If you are looking to wear something casual and cool, choose a light blue denim jacket and a black hoodie. The hoodie can have small chenille letters that are visible when the jacket is opened. Also, put on skinny jeans and Chelsea boots to highlight your style.

Take Away

If you are yet to own a hoodie, then you should know that it’s a comfortable and versatile garment. When you match it right, you’ll keep warm along with looking stylish. Therefore, choose relevant chenille patches hoodie that matches with most of your wardrobe.


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