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Anne P. Acker is a sales manager currently employed at a top 500 global company. She has a deep understanding of and love for all kinds of practical household items. She enjoys finding the beauty in life and writing about it in her blog.



6 Tips to Staying Focused on a Large Project

Whether you're tackling a big project at work, writing a paper for school, or trying to unpack from moving, large projects can seem daunting. But there's hope. Break a Large Project into Smaller Ones One big...

5 Best Wines You Can Find at the Grocery Store

Now let me preface this by saying that Leah and I have very different tastes in wine! I am a white-only kind of girl…the sweeter the better.  Leah, on the other hand, loves reds and drier...

5 Ways to Stay Under Budget This Month

Let's be honest here...the average twenty something isn't exactly rolling in the dough just yet.  Entry level positions have notoriously low salaries, the bills for your student loans have just started rolling in, and...

Accomplishing More in the Same Amount of Time

I don't know about anyone else, but sometimes I hit a week, or even just a few days where I feel like I can never get enough done, or everything is happening all at...

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